Quality politics

PLASTICOS CALLES is a company dedicated to the transformation of plastic materials.

Our policy is based on offering the market a quality service that satisfies the needs of our clients. To achieve this, the Management of PLASTICOS CALLES knows that it is essential to have a highly qualified and professionally efficient human team.

PLASTICOS CALLES has defined and implemented the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 Integrated Quality Management System based on the integration of its organization’s processes, fully satisfying the needs of its clients.

That is why we determined the following priorities:

  • Full satisfaction of customer needs.
  • Compliance with the Client’s requirements and current legislation on quality and other applicable legislation, making it known to all personnel serving the company.
  • The training and competence of workers.
  • The participation of all staff and collaborators in aspects related to Quality.
  • Promote continuous improvement in all areas, including our collaborators.
  • Provide the framework for establishing and reviewing objectives and goals.
  • Ensure by communicating to all staff that the Policy is disseminated and understood.

The Management of PLASTICOS CALLES assumes the responsibility of ensuring that the necessary resources are available to carry out the aforementioned activities and expects that all company personnel, regardless of their function and job, share this commitment, complying with the guidelines marked throughout the Quality Management System.

The continuous improvement of this System will be carried out through the Management Review of the results obtained.

Castellbisbal, April 25, 2022

Doc.: MSQ1 V:1

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